Keys to a Successful Company Store Demonstration

Presenting a Company Store solution to a new client can be intimidating. But if you do your homework, a demo store is the absolute best way to close the sale. Before giving the  demo, we highly suggest finding out as much as you possibly about what your clients need and what they expect from the store (5 questions to ask your clients). Once you are familiar with their needs, you can fine tune and present a demo store that will really meet and even exceed their expectations. We have a few pointers to help you get you through the presentation process. . . .

1) Demo a neutrally branded demo store.

A neutrally branded store gives your clients the freedom to insert their own vision into the store, they can see how clean and flexible the store can be.  Let your clients know that their store would be branded specifically for them, based on their parameters. A neutrally branded store is just like having a clean slate –  take advantage of this opportunity to brainstorm design ideas and the overall look and feel of the store. Move around the store with your client and play with the store functionality. We do not recommend presenting within a PowerPoint, slides are simply too static – after all, you want them to have a fun experience and be able to move throughout the store to show off everything the store can do.

2) Highlight features that directly impact your clients.  

Walk them through the entire shopping experience so they can see how it all works! As the meat of the presentation, there is a lot you can present here. Go through the categories and show them how easily products can be organized based on the programs they want to run. Go through the product pages with them. Here, they can see the virtual logo capabilities, the different product options, personalization features, and even see inventory counts. Showcase the retail functionality of the store by pointing out Product Reviews, Recently Viewed, and Related Products. Be sure to add products to the shopping cart.

As you move through the checkout process, offer incentive features, such as Gift Certificate and Coupons. The checkout process also opens the dialog for your client’s preferred payment and shipping methods and the many options available.

Don’t forget to adjust the size of your browser to show off the responsive design of the store. If you are presenting in person, pull up the store on your mobile device!

3) Show them something new!

As you present the features they are looking for, you open the dialog to other ways the store can benefit them.  You can almost hear the light bulb go off in their head when they realize a Company Store can do so much more than they had anticipated. Help your clients realize they can use the store for an incentive program or ordering uniforms or maybe even a tradeshow program. By showing more than expected, you give yourself more of an opportunity to lock in the sale and win more business by helping them to see how easily you can create internal ordering efficiencies.

4) Leave them with an impression. 

When closing out a presentation, don’t let them leave empty handed! Give them the links and login information you used so they can navigate through the store on their own. If you are involved in a formal proposal process –  implement the demo links and sales information into your own proposal. We will even provide you with the informational sheets to provide your clients – just add your own logo.

And remember, our sales team is here to help you navigate your clients through a demo store, we will even present along side of you.


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor