New Bright Sites Features

By now, you may have noticed the new and exciting features we’ve added to our Bright Sites system last week. We’ve been busy continuously making improvements to our system based on your direct feedback. Take a look below at the updates we’ve made to both the admin side and the storefront. Need a larger view, just click on the images!

Administrative Updates: 

Take advantage of our powerful permission features with Logo Permissions – set specific logo parameters by Group, Product, or Category.

01_Logo Permissions

Control branding by making Logos Required on your products.

02_Logos Required

Display your products as you please! The new Custom Sort feature under product categories lets you sort products by simply dragging in the order you wish.

03_Custom product sort

You can now choose from eight (8!) different Order Status options. We’ve also added a new button so you can easily print a hard copy of your store orders.


04_Order Status

Additionally, we’ve added Sub SKU data to Reports and Themes. And, if you have a Custom Domain Name, we have improved the feature so your site will work with or without the www prefix.

 Product Page Updates*:  

The updates we’ve made to the main product image including a new Zoom Feature which gives shoppers a closer look their products, the logo will automatically show on the product if it has been hot-spotted, and the large image will also change as you roll over the Product Option with your mouse.

On the side of the large product image, you will have the option to display Logos and Product Options as icons rather than in a drop down format.

05_Product Page

Shopping Cart Page Updates*: 

We’ve updated checkout buttons to give the page a cleaner look and feel. Product Options will appear in an easy to read list format with the SKU information provided. And, we’ve reduced the size of the thumbnail images so the entire order is more organized and clean.

06_Shopping Cart Page

*To access the features and improvements for the Product and Shopping Cart Pages, you will need to update your theme to a new version. Older themes will not see these updates. Contact if you need assistance.

Head over to our demo to view the storefront improvements firsthand. If you’d like to update your store or start a new Bright Sites store, just contact us


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor