5 Questions to Ask Your Clients before Building a Company Store

As their Promotional Product Distributor, your clients are looking at you to deliver a unique online shopping experience specifically built just for them. But how do you know which important questions to ask that will get the ball rolling? We’re here to help you dig up that important information so you can provide them with a Company Store specifically tailored to meet even the most demanding requirements.

We’ve developed a list of questions for you to ask your client to provide a blueprint for a successful company store.

1) Would you like the Store to be Mobile Friendly?

Responsive designs will optimize the store to provide a constant viewing experience across a variety of devices – from desktop to tablet to smartphone. Mobile friendly themes may come in handy for your client if the shoppers are not desk-sitting employees. For example – Uniform Programs in the service industry or employees that do a considerable amount of travel will  appreciate the freedom of being able to purchase their products through their tablet or smartphone. It is also worth noting – responsive sites not only look more professional but also perform better in SEO rankings (that is if your store is not private).

2) Would you like the Store to have a retail “look and feel?”

This day and age, online shopping is the norm and your clients are familiar with the experience they get in the commercial world. Why would shopping for promotional products be any different? Being able to read Product Reviews, show Recently Viewed Products and Related Products are all part of the online shopping experience. You can give them all of that plus the powerful capabilities needed for the Promotional Product Industry – such as logo management, various payment options, permissions technology, and advanced reporting.

3) Who will be using the store and why? 

Company Stores are used for a very wide variety of reasons. Perhaps your customer needs an online store for an employee Uniform Program, a new hire program, a Reward and Recognition store, or maybe they’re a Marketing Team maintaining tradeshow items and promotional products. Whatever the reason may be – pinpointing the actual store users, purpose and process is an important step in building a store that will be efficient and profitable for both you and your client.

4) Will users have different store experiences from other users?

Advanced options, such as Permissions and Access Controls will allow your client to protect sensitive information and/or provide a customized user experience. On the storefront side, you can make logos, categories and products available for only certain shoppers when they login. On the administrative end, five levels Access Controls ensures store admins only see and experience the store settings as allotted by you and your client  – protecting sensitive information and providing a customized user experience.

5) Do you require particular Payment and Approval Methods? 

One of the main reasons your client might want a Company Store is because of the unique order processing options available. Your clients have the option to include Gift Certificates, Coupons, Purchase Orders. And, even complex order processing such as Punchout Integrations, Manager Order Approval Systems (MOAS), and budget controls.

Once you and your client have discussed these items, we can move on to the next steps to building that perfect store. Giving your clients with a store solution specifically built for them is the key to locking in a relationship, increasing orders and increasing your revenue. After all, you want them to keep using the store over and over again.


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor