How do you know when your clients are ready for a Company Store? Lookout for these clues. . .

As a Promo Distributor, it can be difficult to know when you should move your clients to a Company Store solution. With the benefits a Company Store can offer – ordering efficiency, brand management, spending control, and program support – there is still an investment at stake. You want to make sure your valuable time is utilized properly in setting up and maintaining the store (we can help!). Unfortunately, there is not a magic ordering number or a blaring sign to tell you exactly when you should take on the challenge of starting a company store.

But, there are a few handy clues you can watch out for to find the right time to pitch a Company Store for your clients:

When They Ask: The most obvious clue is when they ask for an online ordering solution. When they start asking, that is a surefire sign you need to seriously consider Company Stores – especially to keep your competitive advantage. With a majority of consumer ordering being completed online, it won’t be long before your clients start thinking “there has got to be a way I can simply do this online.” To state it bluntly – if you don’t offer when they ask, you can be sure another distributor will.

Multiple Orders from Various Locations: Having corporate clients with various locations and regions can complicate the ordering process. It can be difficult to manage branding efforts, ensure the correct products are being ordered and keep spending low with a manual ordering process. Do yourself and your clients a favor by giving them a centralized online location for ordering.

Repeat Orders: Are your clients continually ordering the same products on a reoccurring basis?  That’s a good thing! Keep them coming to you for their products by offering a streamlined and convenient ordering process.

Quick Turnaround Time on Orders: Marketing teams that work in a fast paced environment may often be scrambling to order products last minute for promotional events or trade show. Often, with all the planning surrounding those events, promotional product giveaways, although an important piece of the event puzzle, can often get left to the last minute. With a Company Store in place, marketers can the products they need exactly when they need it.

Advanced Systems & Payment Methods: There’s a variety of ways organizations pay for their products to control corporate spending. Sometimes, those payment methods can get complicated. Manager Order Approval Systems (MOAS), Punchout Systems, Permissions, User and Group Level Budgets are all advanced methods that can be managed easily with a Company Store. Other helpful shopping cart tools supported in a Company Store include Gift Cards, Coupons, and Points.

Always keep in mind – absolutely no two Company Stores are alike. Company Stores take on many, many functions and are used for a variety of reasons. Often times, the qualifying factors fall into a gray area. Don’t fret! If you are ever unsure, we are here to help you navigate through the process. After all, you don’t want to miss out on valuable opportunities and repeat business. When the time is ready – you want to provide your clients with a Modern, Reliable, and Advanced store solution that will not only meet their requirements, but also grow with them.


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor