Mobile Friendly Stores to Boost Your Promotional Product Sales

Mobile Friendly Stores to Boost Your Sales

You may have heard these various buzz words – optimized, responsive design, and mobile friendly. But what does it all mean and how does it affect your promotional product business? Basically, it means having an online store or catalog site crafted to provide an optimal and constant viewing experience on multiple size devices – from large desktops monitors to laptops to tablets and smart phones.alldevices

Statistics surrounding mobile activity is staggering.  With 196 million smartphone users in the US alone, the average American adult owns three connected devices.  Studies show that six out of ten online American adults expect your company to have a mobile friendly site. And, over half (56 percent) of B2B buyers on eCommerce sites use their smartphones to look up product information before they make a purchase, completing initial research. These numbers show that if a potential buyer can’t easily see your product – they will navigate off that page and on to one they can access.

As a distributor, how can a mobile friendly store help you sell more products?

  1. Access to a larger customer base – having a mobile friendly site is a great way to grow your client base, you are not limiting your prospects to those simply researching at their desktops.
  1. Improve your client’s overall online experience – Eliminating pinching and zooming, and providing a consistent, responsive online experience, from desktop to smartphone, will keep visitors coming back to your site again and again.
  1. Having a responsive site is a powerful way to increase SEO rankings of your online catalog or store – Search engines, such as Google, like mobile friendly sites. They reward those sites with a higher SEO ranking. In the promotional product industry, being on top of the search engine site is key.
  1. A mobile friendly site makes it easier for your clients to search for products – Your clients and prospects are completing researching tasks more and more on the go, whether it’s on their commute, in a meeting or conference, at lunch or dinner, and at home. The statistics have shown us, people simply not tied to their desktops anymore.
  1. Integrate your catalog site with your social media pages – Utilizing social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is a great way to get your products in front of buyers and connect with them. Make sure that when they navigate to your product seen in social media, they have a seamless mobile experience.
  1. A mobile friendly site enhances your business’ credibility and ultimately, your competitive edge – in this technology based environment, your promotional product business cannot afford to be left behind. As people become more and more connected, make sure you are in your customer’s pocket – at all times.


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor