New LoDo Office Space!

We are very excited to have moved the Bright Stores headquarters from Evergreen, Colorado to the Lower Downtown district of Denver! The search for new office space began in September, after looking at several locations, a unique space on the second floor of the historic Crawford Building in Larimer Square made for a perfect fit.

The Bright Stores offices are located on the second floor of 1437 Larimer St

Bright Stores Offices are located on the second floor of 1437 Larimer

Nestled in between shops, restaurants, and a market– our new location gives us the opportunity to foster creativity and collaboration, as well as accommodate our rapidly growing team.

Today marks the day our new office furniture arrived, bringing the space to life.  While we still have a few more pieces to bring in and a “conference room” to design, we are hard at work continuing to provide our customers the absolute best in company store solutions.

If you find yourself in Downtown Denver, please stop by 1437 Larimer and say hello!

Lucy Taylor, BrightStores Marketing Manager

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor