Award and Recognition Programs

Companies of all sizes try to find creative ways to incentivize, recognize and reward their employees.  It is important to recognize employees with award and recognition programs to help create an effective and productive workplace. Reward programs are an integral part of many companies’ retention programs.  Companies will often offer Gift Cards, Awards, Plaques, Travel and Life Style rewards and more.  These can all be set up and fulfilled efficiently through a Company Store Program. These type of awards offer flexibility, give value to employees, and are often less expensive for employers than giving monetary awards.  With these Company Store Programs, the awards will inspire employees to notice and celebrate effort.awards

Award and Recognition Programs give you an opportunity within your existing client base and allows you to reach new clients.  They may not know you can present them with a cost effective solution supporting online programs to recognize their employees.  Both BrightStores and Bright Sites stores are user friendly, can be fully branded, and have admin tools to allow you to easily credit and debit balances, add items, have full reporting capabilities and ability to track and report redemptions.

There are many types of programs: Rewards (travel and lifestyle), Recognition (employee of the month, sales leader, attendance, productivity, etc), Safety Programs for Construction Industry etc, Sales Incentives, and even Loyalty programs. These can be used to sell entire Company Store programs and not just products.  Once you have the program set up, it will take orders for months and years.

With these programs, your customers can build loyalty with repeat business resulting in a more profitable business for you.  You can provide your own online awards store to reward your clients for their continued business and support.  In doing this, you are offering a user friendly and effective awards program while at the same time demonstrating the features of the online technology they can use for their clients.

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Dora Fiet, Company Store Expert & Designer


This post was written by Lucy Taylor