BrightStores Security Improvements

We at BrightStores have always taken security very seriously.  With all of the recent news regarding computer risks, SSL bugs, heart bleeds and poodle attacks, there’s no better time to keep ahead of the game by improving and upgrading once again the security at

As part of our regular maintenance and security, each of our servers runs corporate level antivirus software and is patched as soon as possible if any vulnerabilities are reported.  Our datacenter has top-notch response time for keeping servers and software up to date.  We have a standard firewall that protects our systems as well as an Application Traffic Firewall (for you security folks – that’s a more advanced version of a WAF – Web Application Firewall) that looks for more specific types of attacks that can affect web servers.

While patching, firewalls and antivirus software do a great job, it’s not always enough.  We believe it is important to have additional layers of security to protect your and your clients’ data.  The most recent addition to our security suite is the AlertLogic Threat Manager.  This next-generation security system works to identify & block threats before they ever make it to our systems.  It combines worldwide, constantly updated information and around the clock monitoring by security experts to provide a higher level of security than just a firewall or WAF (Web Application Firewall) alone can offer.

In addition to the real-time protection, our systems are scanned for vulnerabilities on a regular basis through AlertLogic, which helps us identify new issues as they arise.



This post was written by Lucy Taylor