Web Services and Sub Sku Upgrades

At BrightStores, we continue to regularly enhance our system so we may provide a Company Store Platform that exceeds your needs. On Tuesday, October 21st at 8pm MDT we will be upgrading the BrightStores Company Store Sub Sku and Web Services functionality in the Co-Store system.

If you use the Sub-Sku feature, you will see the sub sku order data showing up on order confirmation e-mails and Web Services.

If you use web services, this data will show up with any order based calls in the zDescription node as two new properties, ‘colorSku’ and ‘sizesku’.

If you are not using the Sub-Sku feature but are using Web Services, this upgrade should not affect your Web Services at all. If it does please let us know.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at experts@brightstores.com or 303-800-1545×1.


This post was written by Lucy Taylor