Great Service Defines Great Businesses

Great service is what defines great businesses and is the primary reason why I choose one business over another. Many businesses sell the same product or provide the same service and often times the reason why I choose one over the other is all about service. I may choose business “A” one time because they have great marketing or great reviews, but the reason why I keep going back to the same business is all about the service.

09-05-2013Great service creates value.  The internet (and Amazon) have brought so much transparency to the consumer that price wars are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  If you are selling on price, you are a dinosaur. Distributor’s often ask me how they should price the costs of running a company store and my answer is always the same:  “It depends on how much value you create.”  What are you offering the client beyond a tee shirt and an easy way to order it? It is also important to know that Distributors will line up from New York to L.A. to give away company stores for programs that exceed $50,000 per year.

Great service comes in many different forms. There are so many examples such as getting a rush job delivered on time or consistently delivering your product without error. The really good clients want more though; they want you to be an extension of their team. They want you to make their job easier, they want you to make them look good, they want you to be an expert, and they want great service.

Great service is an opportunity. The internet has made it harder to provide great service because your competitors are easier to find and your expertise is more readily available. When you get an opportunity to provide great service, relish it and make your customer a raving fan.

Dan Halama, President & Founder


This post was written by Lucy Taylor