Selling Company Stores to Your Clients

I have been asked, on numerous occasions to define and explain the benefits of offering Company Stores to clients. Think of a Company Store as an online ordering efficiency tool. Because it’s an online platform, it helps businesses place orders more easily, while controlling spending, managing their brand and supporting a variety of programs.

pcTruly understanding the potential that a company store holds will benefit your business in the long run. For example, if you create a company store for a client who places only a few orders, chances are pretty good that yours will be the first name on their list when they need to get a bid on a larger or custom order.  Over time, when a company store is successful, the client will be adding more products to the store; the more products they sell the more products you sell.  Repeat ordering is a given, when you set up a company store for a client – You build a relationship with that client, so in their mind, you make it easy and fast for them to re-order items from you.

Below are Some Benefits to Share with Your Clients When Speaking about Company Stores:

1)       Ordering Efficiency – Company Stores are created to make the purchasing of promotional products more efficient, especially when the client has employees who order from multiple [geographic] locations. Set up their store and use features to meet their requests and to facilitate the most efficient shopping experience possible.

2)       Brand Management – The store is a great place to Control or Manage the brand.  What is most important to the end user client in our industry is that the integrity of their logo is maintained. Set up their store to ensure correct size and placement of the logo on their products.

3)       Spending Control -An online store provides your client with a centralized, approved area for placing orders. When each departments’ promotional products are purchased through an online store, measuring and accounting for them becomes an essential component to managing spending.

4)       Program Support – It’s important that you actively seek out opportunities for program support.  Uniform Programs, Safety Programs, or Reward programs are just a few examples of a way to grow your business.  The company store is an efficient tool to support those programs. Through features such as custom payment methods and gift certificates and coupons, top performing employees can easily be rewarded through the Company Store.

Click on this link to view a webinar that we recently hosted on ‘Qualifying and Selling Company Stores’ to learn more.  Bright sites Company Stores take orders!  Setting up and running Company Stores is easy.  Whether you create the store or we create it for you, call us today to help you get started.  Visit our website at and start a free trial today. Contact us with any questions – We’re here to help you get started.  800-466-5930 x 310.

Cheryl Grisar, Sales and Marketing


This post was written by Lucy Taylor