Bright Sites Feedback

Back in January at the PPAI Show, bright sites proudly launched our new eCommerce Distributor Website, Catalog and Company Store software to the industry. Since then it’s been a whirl wind of overwhelming interest. After spending a few months in the thick of it, I thought it might be a good idea to share with you what we’re hearing from distributors about this new solution. So with no further ado, here are the Top 5 comments that we hear most frequently and repeatedly:


  1. I love bright sites!  –I realize that this doesn’t give you much detail as to why our customers love bright sites, but they do. We hear it every day and it’s by far the #1 piece of feedback that we have received. From the modern layout, to the advanced user experience, the retail look and feel, the virtual capabilities and the great number of features, this new bright sites product is a big hit.
  2. It’s so inexpensive! For only $79/month FOR 3 SITES, packed full of powerful features, flexible options and design capabilities, it’s a real steal. Distributors are pleasantly surprised and often ask a few times, “Really?” Yes… it’s only $79/month for 3 sites or stores. Check it out for yourself!
  3. It’s EASY – We are no stranger to easy, with our BrightStores company store system  on the market for over 10 years. That being said, bright sites, our new product, takes easy to a whole new level. We have heard over and over again that it’s so intuitive and easy to use that even the tech-fearful can set up and manage Company Stores, Catalogs and Distributor Websites.
  4. Payment Methods.. hmmm. – This is an example of some negative feedback which we took very seriously and in turn, changed.  Initially, we had the feature “Custom Payment Methods” available with our Advanced Store Package. Custom Payment Methods allow you to set up your store to offer any payment method that you can imagine. Of course you can set it up to accept P.O.’s, GL Code’s or Cost Center Codes, but you can also use it for Payroll Deduction, Pay by Department or anything else you come up with. After hearing over and over again that there was a great need to include this feature with our standard store options, we decided to include it.  Now all of our store packages include Custom Payment Method for no additional cost.
  5. The design capabilities are fantastic – Talk about flexibility. Our customers are so pleased with the ease and flexibility they have to design and even custom design their own stores. Our templates and design functionality really let you take your site or store design  “look and feel” way outside of the proverbial box. Now your sites can be uniquely yours, or your clients and no longer look like everyone else’s. It’s been proven, a site that looks good and professionally designed, pays off!

Take bright sites for a spin and see for yourself how it offers a dynamic, easy, inexpensive, beautiful, Distributor Website, Catalog and Company Store solution. Visit our website to learn more and start a free trial: Contact us if you have any questions. We would love to talk with you. 800-466-5930 x1

Tanya Ignacek, Director of Sales & Operations



This post was written by Lucy Taylor