Monitoring Store Traffic to Increase Sales

One of the requests that I hear most often from our clients is the ability to track what pages and/or products are being viewed the most in their web store. There are tools available that you CAN utilize and googleanalyticstie into your store admin in order to gather these important details.

Did you know you can monitor your stores website traffic for FREE with Google Analytics?  If you’re not monitoring site traffic, then you have little idea how visitors are finding your site, how long they are shopping on your site, common visited pages, or even which products are being viewed the most. This type of information is crucial to understanding your online shoppers and for measuring your overall company store success.

Open a Google Analytics Account

Create Your Website Profile

  • Fill in account information, including your domain address you want to track. (i.e.
  • Fill in the next pages — fill-in and accept, then complete.
  • At this point you should be taken to a screen that shows your analytics code that needs to be placed into the admin for your storefront.
  • Login to your Company Store Manager and paste this code into the HTML side of your Footer content page for the store you want to track.

And it’s as EASY as that!  Be sure to allow up to 24 hours for your website to begin tracking visits.

As you can see, website monitoring tools such as Google Analytics can help to identify your stores most requested pages, as well as your most common entry pages and exit pages.  If you know what is working well, you can optimize your site to provide more products that appeal to your shoppers.

Monitoring your store traffic this way is just one of the many user friendly tools that you can tie into your store in order to make your store a success!   Please feel free to reach out to our support team at or check back with us here for more helpful tips on enhancing your store capabilities.

Nicole Marie, Company Store Specialist


This post was written by Lucy Taylor