Bright Sites Improvements and Updates

At Bright Sites, we strive to regularly enhance our system so we may continue to provide an eCommerce / website platform that meets and exceeds your needs. In an effort to continue to lead the industry in Online Store Technologies, we are upgrading the Bright Sites Website & Online Store system with various improvements and fixes. These changes will go into effect on Wednesday, February 19th beginning at 12:00AM Mountain Standard Time.

Here is more information on the upcoming changes:

  • Implementing multiple enhancements to make building websites easier, helping you save time by cutting down the number of steps required to start working on your sites
  • New stores will include pre-built product options (Size and Color) so you don’t have to create them (they can be modified as needed)
  • A “clear cart” button has been added (requires installation of the latest version of whatever theme your site uses, new sites will get this by default)
  • Help and video links have been added to the ecommerce and website administrative areas. We are currently building up our video library, but as we add new videos, you’ll be able to simply click the “tutorial” icon at the top of the page, and watch a relevant video. View the support and training videos here.
  • Numerous bug fixes & minor updates

If you have questions regarding these updates, please call us at 303-800-1546 or email us at

Thank you for being a Bright Sites customer!


This post was written by Lucy Taylor