BrightStores System Upgrades

System Upgrade Notice

At BrightStores, we strive to regularly enhance our system so we may continue to provide a Company Store Platform that meets and exceeds your client’s needs. In an effort to continue to lead the industry in Company Store Technologies, we are upgrading the BrightStores Company Store system with increased security measures. Some of these changes will affect you more than others. It’s important that you understand how. These changes will go into effect Tomorrow, Thursday, January 30th beginning at 9:00pm Mountain Standard Time. Here is more information on the upcoming changes:

Password Strength

We are changing and improving user account security measures to keep our users data as safe as we possibly can.  As of this deployment, all new users (store or administrative) will be required to use strong passwords.  Any existing users changing their password will also be required to use strong passwords. Existing passwords will not need to be changed.  The new password requirement will require 8 characters and must contain at least one letter and one number.  This change will be system wide.  We do strongly recommend passwords to be at least 10 characters long and contain at least 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number and 1 special character, however this will not be a requirement.

User Banning

If a user attempts to login 5 times but fails, their account is locked for 30 minutes.  This will help to reduce the number of possible hack attempts to the BrightStores system.

As the concern for data security continues to grow, we will continue to monitor and improve our system security on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-466-5930.


This post was written by Lucy Taylor