Buying Habits Changing Faster Than Ever Before

The race to the lowest price is nearing the end. Buyers of promotional products and decorated apparel have access to so much information that price transparency through the entire supply chain is online for everyone to see. For the majority of buyers, price is no longer the deciding factor because buyers believe they can get the best price anywhere.

serviceService is the difference maker. Think about your recent experiences in in the big box stores; the stores are cluttered and hard to get around in, the help is almost non-existent or doesn’t have enough product knowledge to be truly helpful. Once you actually get to the checkout lines the frustration really begins. How many questions do I have to be asked before I can actually pay and get the heck out of the store? Did you find everything okay?  Would I like to sign up for rewards? Rewards?!  Don’t you just love waiting in line longer so the cashier can spend extra time selling the rewards program to the person in front of you?  Then they ask for zip code, email address, oh, and I need to see your card again. Then once you are finally done wouldn’t it be nice if they said “thank  you” and actually showed some appreciation for your business?  eCommerce sites, or better stated, professionally designed web and eCommerce sites are easier to buy from and friendlier than the big box stores.  People want service! Buyers are demanding a professional experience.

Promotional Product Distributors who provide a professional and friendly online experience will get the new calls. Your service will convert those calls into new sales.

Dan Halama, President & Founder


This post was written by Lucy Taylor