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BrightStores has the most amazing customers!  I often catch myself saying, “Oh, my favorite customer is calling.”   Occasionally a customer will ask for a feature to work in a very specific way.  I don’t like to tell people “It doesn’t work that way” when the truth is, with all of the features in our system, most things are possible.

pointsstoreHere is an example of one of those requests when a call came in asking questions about a Points Store.  The customer wanted to know if users could purchase points with a credit card upon check out if they didn’t have enough points to purchase a desired item.  Since Point Stores are not meant to accept dollar payments, but are meant to offer a true recognition experience by point redemption only, I knew we needed to find a work around.

Since most users are employees of the end user client, I thought it might be a good idea to set up the store so that users may buy additional points internally, within their company. From there, the company can have the value of those points deducted from the employee’s payroll. Then the store administrator may go in and assign those additional purchased points to the employee’s account. Next, the employee may go into the store and redeem those additional points to “purchase” that desired item.

I shared this idea with the customer and he loved it! He shared it with his client and shortly thereafter implemented this protocol. It was a great solution for their store and for their employees.

Please know that when you ask how to accomplish something in the store, I’m always thinking of the best solution for your scenario. Next time you need help figuring this out; or coming up with some clever ideas, don’t be afraid to ask me!


Melissa Miles Customer Support


This post was written by Lucy Taylor