BrightStores offers eCommerce solutions that will take you from A to Z

atozOver the years of working in Promotional ecommerce, I have found one thing to be continuously true. A flexible and scalable store solution is key.  After working with distributors to build thousands of stores it’s a true statement that no two stores are exactly alike. What one client believes to be the norm is often very different from the next. That’s why we find it imperative to provide a flexible solution that allows customers to utilize a vast array of features in a variety of ways. By using these features they are most often able to meet the specific needs as well as the wants of their clients, which makes us all happy.

As BrightStores prepares to expand its product offering by introducing bright sites, our new leading edge Website, Catalog and eCommerce system, we’ve taken this idea of “flexibility and scalability” to a whole new level. Soon you will be able to choose not only from all of the Company Store options, but from all of the bright sites options as well. With two software systems and two sets of functionalities it will be easier than ever to satisfy your client. While you’re at it, you can use bright sites to easily and inexpensively build a beautiful, professional website and catalog ecommerce store for your own company as well.

Keep your eyes open over the next month as we begin to launch bright sites. We are confident that you will appreciate the flexibility it offers, from Soup to Nuts!

Tanya Ignacek, Director of Sales & Operations


This post was written by Lucy Taylor