Company Store Features Help to Meet your Clients’ Needs

Working at BrightStores and in the promo industry, we often hear numerous client needs, diverse scenarios and the like.  We are the EXPERTS at what we do (ALL things Company Stores) and so we are the experts at meeting and exceeding client needs using our company store platform.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways including design, functionality, custom programming and more.ipad

Often times, clients have different groups of products that are available for different sets of users all in one company store.  With our Store Skin feature in combination with our Purchase Intent feature, we are able to allow the user to choose what their purchase intent is (i.e. Uniforms, Safety, Promo Items, USA or Canada etc.) and based on that intent the user sees a specific set of categories and products as well as payment methods and more related to their selection.  They can even see different text and graphics for each side!

In this scenario, the users go to the store and see a landing page that can be designed and customized to look however you choose with the different purchase intent options.  The users make a selection here which takes them into the store.  We are able to program and build it so that the user can see a different set of graphics/text  in the store as well as different categories, products, pricing, payment methods and more based on their purchase intent choice.  This works well for Uniform Programs, Safety Programs, International stores and other programs.

If you would like to know more about these or any other company store features, please contact us.

Dora Fiet, Company Store Expert & Designer


This post was written by Lucy Taylor