New Security Upgrades with Web Application Firewall

This past month BrightStores has upgraded and secured your stores even further with a brand new Web Application Firewall (WAF for short).  As the information world continues to change, we are constantly adding new layers of defense to keep you – and your store data – safe from would-be attackers.  In addition to store security, the WAF helps us continue to meet PCI requirements.

WAFWhat exactly is a WAF?  Think of it as a police officer in front of a building, only allowing certain people in.  If someone tries to enter who appears suspicious or does not meet the right criteria, the WAF will block access for that person, while continuing to allow legitimate traffic through.  All of this happens behind the scenes, without any interaction from our clients. (For a full technical description, please visit

Note the WAF is not the same as a Network Firewall (which is also part of our security suite).

This upgrade is offered free of change and is automatically included in every existing and new store offering.

If you have questions regarding our system or security, please contact support.

Joshua N, Director of Information Technology


This post was written by Lucy Taylor