#AskAnExpert – March 2018

Episode 1 – Company Store Benefits


When distributors first become interested in an online solution they often wonder what the benefits are to starting an online Company Store. Afterall, distributors like you know there’s no point investing valuable time and money into something that isn’t going to directly benefit both you and your client.

The benefits vary depending on the specific solution you choose but the five most common benefits we hear from clients are highlighted below.

1. Company Stores make ordering easy and efficient by providing one centralized ordering location that shoppers can access anytime, anywhere. Good bye to the days of placing orders by phone or fax!

2. Company Stores help maintain brand and logo integrity with logo virtualization and logo permissions ensuring your clients correct logo, colors, and branding guidelines are followed for each item in your store.

3. Company Stores help your clients stay on-budget and avoid unauthorized spending with features like manager approval (MOAS), account balances, and group budgets.

4. Company Stores support multiple programs like Reward and Recognition, Uniform Programs, and more so your client can run all of their programs on one system.

5. Company Stores act as an extension of your customer service by offering pages like FAQ and Contact Us. Shoppers can access their account dashboard to check past orders, account balance, and order status.

There are countless ways a Company Store can benefit both you and your client. Have a particular benefit you’d like to share? Leave a comment on any of our social accounts!

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This post was written by Megan Reberry